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How do you build software? Traditionally the idea is you hire a developer, or you become a developer. This means lots of time to create something new, or even more time to learn to create it. Well, that was the way but increasingly the dream of code free systems is becoming a reality. No, we may never replace code all together but there is a growing number of solutions that allow us to build without writing a single line of code.

No Code : Not New, Better


Flow chart like software design for the Amiga Computer. This was the earliest no code solution we remember.

backendless Codeless

This is a block style builder. Many younger developers are being taught to code with tools like this, but this is a commercial version of the approach.


This product claims to be an all-in-one workplace solution. It has interesting features and an API to connect with things “outside” the all “inside” one solution.

Power Apps

Microsoft has joined the creators of low-code solutions. While not no code it does express a move in that direction just the same.


This company has taken the developers nightmare and disrupted codeless. It is where we recommend codeless developers to begin. It is a win solution for both business and developers looking to get wins and to get started codeless where it works.

To Code or Not to Code

We will cover different no code solutions in future articles, but for now we just wanted to let you know it is a thing. Some companies, like the creators of CanDo may have been to early or just didn’t have the right business model. There is no doubt though, low and no code solutions are real and viable business tools.

In our next article on no code we will look at when a no code solution should be chosen and what type of factors should be considered to make a winning business decision. We look forward to seeing you in the next addition to our series on To Code or Not to Code.